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Beach Baby Beads
One-of-a-kind sand infused glass pendants
personalized with sand from your favorite beach.

Why Sand? We all have memories of playing at the beach, sand beneath our toes. Building sand castles as children we were artists, creators of our own world. The comfort of lying in the warm sand after a good swim or surf session is a feeling like no other. Some of our happiest times have been walks along the shoreline, beach fires, and salty first kisses. I use sand in my artwork as a way to connect with special places, moments, and people in my life. Fusing sand into the glass pendants is a means to wearing such memories close to the heart.

Beach Baby Beads
The glass pendants are a distinctive way for people to connect to some of these same places where they, too, hold special memories. It is my hope that in wearing a pendant a person can be brought back to a time when he or she felt happy, free, invigorated, and inspired. - Mary Tantillo

Beach Baby Beads